A Special Thank You On This Veterans Day

The Man Who Taught Me The Value of Hard Work, Integrity, and Respect

Today is Veteran’s Day.  For many this is simply another day on the calendar, another day we mark with American flags on our websites or front yards, offering a small moment of remembrance and consideration, and then go about our daily lives.

For myself, and for many of us at Die Cad Group, this day means much more.

Personally, I have had strong connections to those who serve our country as members of the military. Who’s my closest connection?  My Grandpa.

He was a warm, caring, and comforting man.  He played with his grandchildren, laughed and joked with us.  He distributed hugs and words of stern advice with the same level of concern.  Above all, he always made us feel safe.

As I got older I learned about his service in the military, and that he was a Veteran of two wars.  It made sense, this man who taught me the value of hard work, integrity, and respect was a Veteran. 

Now, as a mother of two boys, I hope I model these values to them.  I tell them about their great-grandfather, the sacrifices he made so that the future of his children, and his children’s children would have the security that only freedom brings.

It is these values that also drive our work at Die Cad Group.  Respect, Communication, Integrity, Appreciation (of our customers, employees and community), Giving Back and Hard Work (while having fun!) are echoes of my grandfather, the person he was, and the characteristics so a part of the core of all of those who have served to keep our country free.

So today, on behalf of our company, I want to say thank you to all who served in the US Armed Forces, who continue to support our nation’s Veterans as they transition back to civilian employment, and who recognize what they have given to all of us…freedom.

From all of us at Die Cad Group, we offer our respect and gratitude to our nation’s veterans. Thank you.

I love you, Grandpa Art.